Saturday, May 21, 2011

Modifkasi honda beat style chopper touring

Modifkasi honda beat chopper style touring.
Why chopper for wearing a custom style chopper parts from OMC Leisure Part. Why is also touring for wearing the usual left-right box in the kids wear bike for touring.All items are custom items that do not exist elsewhere (especially for goods choppernya)- Area APE model hanger handlebar wear but not too high, suitable for fostur people of Indonesia. This custom handlebar can be obtained at the OMC leisure part ( is guaranteed to cool deh motor package Ente if taking naked handlebar package of OMC- Body there are some examples of custom parts in his front chest area is different not become more plump and sturdy than the original Honda BEAT thin.- Cat is airbrush, festive theme, but fierce. Meriah for wearing pink ngejreng and licking flames in the paint by OMC Painting & Airbrush Krom all irons that look taxable chrome touches. in chrome on chrome kinclong Seat motor has been modified in accordance with the theme of the stretcher. seat upholstery is made in OMC modif- The machine has got a touch of Bore - UP cc was increased to 150cc in oprek in DOCTOR Matic honda beat as the executor of this modification.- The goods custom made by OMC leisure part of Oracle Modification Concept- The modification is done by DOCTOR Matic


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