Saturday, May 21, 2011

The new modifikasi motor Yamaha Scorpio 225 touring streetfighter model, consisting of modifikasi cat motor and modifikasi velg motor with visor motorcycle accessories.
scorpio racing modification Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Scorpio 225 Touring Streetfighter

This bike model is the primary touring motorcycle modification that increase over the Yamaha Scorpio touring safety. The Yamaha Scorpio touring streetfighter is larger than the Yamaha Scorpio standard but the increase in this motorcycle essential to safety gains and is more a matter of modifikasi motor touring. Additional modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio touring include different streetfighter design motorcycle accessories touring boxThis entry was posted in Modifikasi Motor Yamaha, Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Scorpio and tagged modif motor yamaha scorpio 225 touring 2011, modifikasi motor, modifikasi motor streetfighter touring, modifikasi motor yamaha, modifikasi motor yamaha scorpio 225, modifikasi motor yamaha scorpio 225 streetfighter, modifikasi motor yamaha scorpio 225 touring, yamaha scorpio 225 bike modifikasi, yamaha scorpio 225 motorcycle, yamaha scorpio 225 sport streetfighter, yamaha scorpio 225 sport touring bike, yamaha scorpio 225 streetfighter, yamaha scorpio 225 streetfighter touring kontes, yamaha scorpio 225 touring. Bookmark the permalink.


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