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Modifikasi Kawasaki Binter Merzy "Anaconda"

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Modifikasi Kawasaki Binter Merzy "Anaconda"

Creativity Raynaldo Handoko from Semarang diacungi deserve two thumbs up. How not. Only capital Machinery KZ-200 Binter merzy a given friend is now in Australia-Modified BJM retainer which also variations traders, importers moge waste once it is able to bear chopper builder who sangar ProStreet.

Raynaldo here, which is familiarly called Han-Han, to utilize existing mengumbar ideas in his brain. The choice, the style of the genre masterpiece of American chopper style. "The idea is to see from the plots Chica Custom Chopper, United States," he explained.

He relied on in creating handmade. Starting from the frame, body, taped up trappings variations. In addition, he has cultivated a strong and terkonsep details.

Almost all sides until Footstep, standards, and the brake lever is formed through captivating taste. "His name is also handmade, we become more flexible in creating," he explained.

To frame constructed of pipe scudule 3 / 4 dim neatly formed and measured precision. Because, rather than merely being pursued beautiful, but can be worn comfortably. "Do not get in a good shape, but when it climbed only baseball center because of faulty design," added Han-Han.

Anaconda wearing body resembling a galvanized plate. Technically, the cultivation of 0.8-mm plate materials is quite complicated. Have to be patient and neat and symmetrical because not enough just to set up master and print like fiberglass.

"That's where his art. In addition to consideration as well as connect the body from front to back, it must seem sturdy plastic and does not impress," why choose disposable plates.

Another performance of the work of the prominent Han-Han, see the distinctive exhaust design tastes of the chopperis. Two short lengths of pipe bent at the sloping sides of the machine. Then, air filter, swing arm, and several sharp curves dominated motor side, supporting the body design of Anaconda.

a Kawasaki Modifikasi Find Motorcyle news.

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